Quality Systems

SPOKO Integrators Ltd. provided a Quality System for an automotive dashboard assembly line. This Quality System was based on a Vision System consisting of two cameras and custom lighting that inspected clutch hoses and their fastening clamps. One of the challenges was to allow re-inspection after a “failed” part detection without backing up the entire line. To achieve the re-inspection, the Vision System would halt the Assembly Line upon a failure. The entire vision system enclosed within a frame had to travel along to find the start point of the failed dashboard and re-inspect once the problem was corrected. The line was allowed to start up again after a successful re-inspection. The Vision Inspection System communicated with the Line and ILVS system to receive the appropriate part and sequence numbers of the inspected dashboard to perform the inspection, validate the conditions and record its results. The resulting images with the mentioned numbers and inspection time/date were then sent to the plant FTP server for safekeeping.