Robotic Systems

SPOKO Integrators Ltd. has designed and built a transfer system for solid brake plates based on Vision Robotic Transfer System. The robotic system consisted of two high speed SCARA robots and one six axis robot. Two smaller robots collected pads placed randomly on a conveyor. A SICK 3D Vision located the brake plates on the conveyor and guided the SCARA robots to the pickup locations on the continuously moving conveyor. The Vision System, Conveyor Encoder, and two Scara Robots collaborates together to identify exact location and orientation of the good parts to be picked up and placed the individual pads into one of the six nests (3 per robot). When the nests loading was complete, the six-axis robot would pick 15 pads stacked one on top of another using a custom built end of arm tooling and transport them to the press for further processing. The entire process was protected by the use of hard guarding with safety solenoid interlocked access gates and robot positioning safety system. The process could be safely monitored via four monitors located outside the fenced area.