Robotic Systems

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SPOKO Integrators Ltd. offers robotic systems design, manufacturing and installation. We specialize in palletizing, packaging, handling and pick & place applications. Our team thoroughly analyzes every new application in order to determine the best solution. We believe this is the only way to create optimal concepts and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

SPOKO Robotic Cells are user-friendly, and simple to use. A robot in the safety cage is nothing more than a very reliable machine that does not take any breaks. Let us show you how robots can improve your process and profits.

Please feel free to contact us with your particular application to explore the solution we can offer.

Jobs We Specialize In

  • Palletizing, Packaging, Handling, Pick & Place
  • Cutting
  • Complete System Installation
  • Suitable Safety System
  • Training
  • Programming
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Service Calls