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About Us

Who are we?

SPOKO Integrators Ltd. is a company operating in the area of industrial automation, robotics, safety, and controls systems. Since 2003 we have earned an exceptional reputation in designing, building, installing and servicing complete world-class turnkey Integrated Control Systems.

SPOKO Integrators Ltd. boasts on our admirable and professional Team who is broadly experienced, clever and devoted. Our team oriented Manufacturing Solutions Specialists, Engineers, Programmers, Electricians, and Mechanical Technicians are eager to continuously tackle new challenges.

We look forward to working together with your Organization to initiate or improve your operating profitability. SPOKO Integrators Ltd. has an immense depth of experience and ability to single source your project(s) by executing small applications, across medium size, to large-scale turnkey projects will benefit your Organization’s goals by working together in a teamwork environment toward a common objective.

Since SPOKO Integrators Ltd. has been established, our cross functional team has been providing leading edge service by providing: Excellent Quality of Workmanship, Reliable and Flexible Customized Service, Consistent Product Quality, 24/7 Tech Support, Single Source Resource Management, and most importantly Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. SPOKO Integrators Ltd. facility is strategically located in the heart of GTA’s major highway grid, allowing an ease of transportation and prompt access to unlimited resources.

How do we work?

We believe the only way to make our clients completely satisfied is to take an individual approach to projects entrusted to us. Our solutions are flexible and tailored to the needs of individual clients. As a result, we successfully carry out all tasks to meet our Clients’ highest expectations.

Where are we going?

Forward, always forward. There is only one way to go. Perhaps you would like to join us?
Please contact us and we can discuss your current or future needs.